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We are Emmerse Studios, the inventors of Quirk! and the Mischief Monster.

Everything we do at Emmerse Studios is about character and personality. We invite our players to express themselves by acting out characters or teaching fundamental truths about how we navigate our inner world by embracing who we are and celebrating what makes us different.


Our games always focus on good, wholesome fun first and before you know it, you’ll be dancing around the room, chirping at the top of your lungs and giggling constantly.


Emmerse Studios was founded by Emma May in 2016, shortly after she created the card game Quirk! and went on to sell over 11,000 copies, creating a best selling game on Amazon, retailing on the high-street in Waterstones and winning awards before licensing to Gibsons in 2020 and retailing in John Lewis. 

Emma May


Our mission is to continuously create family-friendly character content in entertainment products such as games, books and animation as a full product. That means no subscription models and no addictive mechanisms. Just good clean fun!


Our vision is to expand the Quirk! universe beyond the card game, introducing the world to its quirky new friends and inspiring a culture to be who you are, be inquisitive and have a lot of fun along the way.

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