About Us

At Emmerse Studios, we believe in people, their potential and ability to reach for their dreams. We also know everyone is different. We all have a character and personality, some of us are shy whilst others are much more confident. Some of us don’t chase our dreams because we think we can’t or aren’t good enough, whilst others take the risk, dive in head first and challenge anything that comes their way.

No matter who you are, we believe you are capable of achieving things no one else has achieved before. We know you’re unique, you have dreams and you aspire to reach your goals. We know you’re not like everybody else but we also know you sometimes crave to have the charisma, popularity and likability of other people around you.

However you’re different and we would never want you to sacrifice your uniqueness to be like somebody else. We want to amplify your awesomeness because what you believe is holding you back may be the characteristic that other people admire you for.

Imperfection makes character and character is beautiful.

So here at Emmerse Studios, we are dedicated to inventing games which amplify extraordinary character in ordinary people.

The truth is you were never ordinary to begin with, you have the skills in you to become extraordinary already.

We want to introduce games into the market which allow you to have fun and build on your character.  You will enjoy connecting with friends and family, creating memories and expressing yourself. You’ll also be improving your social confidence, personability and adding a whole lot of charm and magnetism to your personality.

Let’s face it, you’re loved for being you and our games will reinforce that.

Emma May - CEO/Creative Director

Emma created Emmerse Studios to solve problems she experienced using personal development techniques over the last 10 years, creating fun loving, light-hearted games entwined with natural personal skill building was the answer. This company was created to invent games which help you improve your own character, not to become someone different, but to accentuate the parts of you that make you great and help you to use those skills more often. 

The focus on character has also been intriguing to Emma throughout her career, with a love for animated movies, skills in 3D modelling and a keen interest in character development. It made sense to develop games where characters and imagination are the crux of game play and it works perfectly to develop those natural skills within us.

Emma is a Product Designer and Creator of Quirk! our party card game. Her passion lies in product development and has released a book, card game and android app as a freelance artist in 2013 before founding Emmerse Studios in 2016. She has a BSc (Hons) degree in 3D CGI: Modelling and Animation, graduating in 2012.