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The World of Quirk! is Expanding Beyond the Popular Family Card Game


Quirk! is the laugh-out-loud family card game that has been growing in popularity since 2017, created by Emmerse Studios and recently licensed to Gibson Games, stocking in John Lewis and Waitrose stores as the brand new ultimate edition of the game.


The message of the brand is all about celebrating what makes us different. In the card game, you do this by making funny faces at each other to win character cards and create Quirks. By the end of the game, you’ll find out just who was the quirkiest of them all and you’ll also create a trendsetter or two in the process.


Since licensing, female founder, Emma May, creator of Quirk!, has been developing spin-off products to support the Gibsons Quirk! and illuminating the message behind the game. The first spin-off was the start of the Mischief Monster children’s picture book series which is dedicated to encouraging children to see the world and themselves in a positive way.


Now, Emma has developed the digital version of the Quirk! Card Game for mobile gaming, free to download on Android and iOS devices. The game offers a unique perspective of the original card game, allowing more children to access the game straight from their tablets.


Quirk! Digital has been built with children in mind. The game is 100% family and children friendly, swapping out acting for animated characters and a full game experience for free when you download the app. The game is made for single player so children can play whenever they want and allows for offline play; it can be played absolutely anywhere too.


The game also boasts of calming soundtracks in its White, Night and Beach decks for calm/chilled play while also working the memory, as children memorise which card an opponent has and where to ask next. Furthermore, there’s a chance to collect all of their favourite Quirks in the sticker collection on the app, players can work to make these bronze, silver and gold. Great for children aged 6+, simple to use and easy to play.


Hinting to what is next for the brand, the app game features a map of the Quirk! World, one where a much bigger story is happening for all of the Quirk! Character; featuring the Mischief Monster as the lead character once again. In this story, the reader follows Mischief on an adventure of belonging and self-acceptance as he searches for his trio. 


To learn more about the Quirk! and Mischief Monster brand, you can visit and sign up to their mailing list or follow Emmerse Studios on Instagram @emmersestudios 


To get in contact email:


You can also find Quirk and Mischief Monster products below:

Quirk! By Gibsons

Quirk! Mobile app: Android & iOS

Mischief and the Tree (Mischief Monster Book 1)


About Emmerse Studios: We are an independent creative studio developing characters and stories for games and books. Founded by Emma May, illustrator, Game Designer, Product Developer.

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