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Meet the Characters



The Dragons aren’t scary firebreathing guardians, no not at all. The only thing they might harm you with is their wit and sparks of sarcasm. Unicorn and Dragon are really good friends and when they get to together their conversations are even more absurd!



The Unicorns are rather silly with posh accents. The stuff they do doesn’t make any sense but because of how the speak, they can make the most silliest thing sound like a reasonable response. Just go with it.


Empire Penguin

The Emperor Penguins are the unofficial spokes penguins for the Kingdom. Unbeknownst to all the other characters, the penguins are the only ones with proper names. Derek, Trevor and Barry. We still have no idea when this happened.



The elephants are fun loving creatures in the world of Quirk! They always set out to have fun but have a serious side too and become the guardians of the gate when called upon.



Although they are big and often scary looking, our Yeti’s are also fun loving creatures. They just have loud booming voices that can rattle new comers, which makes them perfect as security guards for the kingdom. They can be very persuasive but mainly because they are loud, since strategy is not a strong point for them.



Robots are the technical creatures in the land. They collect all sorts of bits and bobs, monitoring useless data from things they build. They have a fascination with marbles and typically end up hoarding scraps of things in which they could potentially build with. It means their home portal is often more messy than it should be.



The trio of monkeys love to be cheeky and fool around and work together to form pranks. Each has a roll in their devious plans. The look out who plans the location, the eaves dropper to check the timing is right and the loud mouth who creates a distraction. Those giggling monkeys can get away with anything!



Rabbit is a typical worrier and love to rabbit on constantly. It's her way of figuring things out by obsessively speaking out all parts of a problem until a solution makes sense to her. She's actually quite a genius and has a lot of empathy for other Quirk characters.


Mischief Monster

Mischief is a fun, happy-go-lucky character with a heart of gold. He comes up with over the top ways to help solve problems, which are often not appreciated by their recipient. Since his solutions always cause more mischief. In the end though, Mischief’s different solutions get celebrated as it all works out better than expected.



This dinosaur is not as social as the other Quirk characters. She lives in the forest with her nest of eggs which she is very proud of. Should anything happen to her eggs is when you see her ROARSOME side. Throughout her lifetime though, the eggs have never seemed to hatch. It's a strange mystery in the Quirk! Kingdom.



Llama is rabbit's goofy side-kick friend. You will often see them hanging out together. At first glance an odd pairing but they've really got their highs and lows covered. Llama often gets their facts mixed up and seems to take longer to realise a point, far later.



Pirate parks his ship on the docks of the Quirk! Kingdom, he's not a very adventurous pirate, he's always been parked. He's too much of a home-body to actually set sail, he just loves owning a ship and trading tales from his neighbour's in the sea.

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