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Mischief Monster

A World of Pranks

After losing your powers to a trickster, the world is now riddled in pranks. It's time to regain your Quirk! abilities and use your mischief to overthrow the Jester and his plans.

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The world of Quirk! is in danger and there's only one character who is bold enough to save the day.

Meet the Mischief Monster; a carefree child of the Quirkiverse. He dips and dashes into other Quirk abilities for fun of it! Until, disaster strikes. A Jester from another land takes over. Unleashing his pranks into every corner of the world and claiming his title as Quirkiest of them all!

The Jester knows only one thing: As long as the Quirks have no abilities, he will remain in power... and Mischief will be powerless.

The Quirks are counting on you to unleash your mischief and rid the world of these blasted pranks!

Can you help Mischief find the Quirk abilities in time and take back the Quirkiverse?!

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