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Press Kit

Quirk! The Digital Card Game Press Kit




Quirk! The Digital Card Game is the app version of Quirk! The family card game. The aim is to win the most Quirks by the end of the game by asking three AI players for character cards; a Quirk is a set of three of the same character cards. The player can also steal Quirks, block a steal card and stop the computer asking them for a card they have.


Whether they win or lose a game, the player’s Quirks are shown and appear in their sticker collection on the home screen. The player can strategize which characters they want to win by the end of game so they can fill up their collection or work to make their Quirks bronze, silver and gold by collecting them over and over again.


The first deck of Quirk! is free to play when the app is downloaded. There are three other decks the player can buy if they want to play the game with different characters and fill up the other sticker books. These new decks include a new background and soundtrack too.


Benefits of the game:

  • Strategise your game play to win Quirks for your sticker collection.

  • Use the powers of deduction at the end of the game to work out where the last characters are to collect.

  • Memorise turns as characters move hands so you can collect the most.

  • Use Steal, Block and Stop cards to improve your odds of winning.

  • Ambient soundtracks on the White, Beach and Night decks for calm play.

  • Great for children aged 6+


Game features:

  • Sticker book collection of Quirks.

  • Character animations and sound effects when you win Quirks!

  • Backgrounds and soundtracks for each deck.

  • In App Purchases to buy new decks and collect more stickers.

  • The Quirk! Map where each deck of characters live so you can swap out your decks.


This game is for you if:

  • You enjoy playing digital card games.

  • You enjoy the simplicity of Go Fish mechanics.

  • You love collecting characters.

  • You enjoy relaxing and upbeat soundtracks.

  • You’ve played the real card game before and want to play solo mode.

Company Story


Everything we do at Emmerse Studios is about character and personality. We invite our players to express themselves by acting out characters or teaching fundamental truths about how we navigate our inner world by embracing who we are and celebrating what makes us different. Our games always focus on good, wholesome fun first and before you know it, you’ll be dancing around the room, chirping at the top of your lungs and giggling constantly.


Emmerse Studios was founded by Emma May in 2016, shortly after she created the card game Quirk! and went on to sell over 11,000 copies, creating a best selling game on Amazon, retailing on the highstreet in Waterstones and winning awards before licensing to Gibsons in 2020 and retailing in John Lewis. 


Our mission is to create games that bring back the 90’s feel so children can grow up with a healthy relationship to games in a technology-driven world.


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