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Quirk! Hallows

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Get the Whole Family Laughing.
Funny games of sounds, actions and mischief!


Quirk! Hallows is the original Kickstarter Campaign funded in November 2018. This is a limited copy of the game including the Trick or Treat expansion pack that helps you play cards into your favour, tricking your opponents and treating yourself!


The spooky, laugh-out-loud family card game that stars YOU! Act out the quirks & find what works as you collect the characters you need. You may have to howl, cackle, boo and pray to show how spooky you can be!

Interactive fun for everyone, Quirk! Hallows invites you to join in the silliness. Laugh along with family and friends... But watch out! Players can steal your card sets as you distract, block & act your way to victory!

A brilliant gift to bring families of all ages together

With 56 cards and 13 impressions, Quirk! Hallows is fantastic and imaginative. It's also perfect for parties, travel and camping - it fits in a small bag or large pocket!

Quirk! Hallows... A hauntingly-silly game for spookily-fun people!

Age: 5+. 2-6 players

All cards are the same inside Quirk! Monsters, shown in imagery.

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