Quirk! is the hilarious family card game that accepts you for being totally odd. 

In fact, we encourage it. 

The quirkier you can be, the more of a trendsetter you will become, making you the most exciting and popular person in any room. 

Quirk! makes a fool out of everyone, so you're never alone in the embarrassment, improving family time with laughter and mischievous behaviour without all the added drama. 

Simply, express the character you want from another player with your most exhilarating impression. If you've chosen well, you'll be closer to winning a Quirk! If not, you can always steal one later using a tactic card, giving you plenty of opportunities to win and prove you are the quirkiest!

Quirk! is the perfect travel game to excite even more of your family and friends (and witness their hilarious impressions), fitting soundly in a hoody pocket or small bag. 

Embrace your quirks today, because you should feel celebrated for the things that make you, you! 

In the  Quirk! series, you and your opponents can become anything from Pirates, Unicorns, Dragons, Elephants, aliens and Super Models and many more characters... strut your stuff or trumpet like an elephant and be loved for being completely bizarre. 

It's normal to be quirky!