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Brand New Quirk!

Launch to be announced

We have joined forces with Gibsons Games (read here) to re-release Quirk! in a whole new way. You'll see old and new characters, including the addition of Mischief cards and the Mischief Monster character. The game will include 112 cards and you will have the ability to set up and swap out cards to always keep the game fresh. We're excited for the Quirk! Party at UK Games Expo 21st - 23rd August 2020. Looking forward to see you there!


New Party Game

In Development

In collaboration with Ann Jones from Cards or Die, we are creating a brand new party game, featuring story-telling elements, cards and accessories. Currently stress-testing our ideas. Stay tuned.


Quirk! Games

Mix up your Quirks

Got more than one Quirk! Game? We love the feeling of playing a brand new game of Quirk! and learning which characters are in the game through the hilarious impressions of our family and friends.

Once you've played each game separately why not mix up your own character set from our other games or create one giant game for more players. Changing up the character in each game you play keeps you surprised every time you bring it to the table.


Quirk! The Game

Released: October 2017

The original game in the series based on an original game by Emma May called Cards with Character. All other Quirk! games are new character packs of the same premise. You act out characters to win cards from other players. Once you have a set of the same 3 characters, a Quirk!, you set it down in front of you. Now your aim is to collect as many Quirks as you can, steal them from other players or block their attempts to take yours or simply skip their turn in its tracks! This game is the most child friendly with cows, sheeps, cats, dogs, pirates and musicians to act out. Easy to pick up and play with anyone!


Quirk! Legends

Released: May 2018

This game is the fantasy pack, you can expect to find fairy tale people and creatures to act out from Dragons to Wizards, Superheros and Demons. It's a game of good vs evil and at the end of the game you can even count up how many good or evil Quirks you've collected. All action cards are themed along some fairy tale stories. It's fun to have collected the Alien Quirk and then use the Alien Abduction card to skip another player or be the Giant and throw a golden egg at someone. Plus there's plenty of opportunity to reference your favourite movies in order to ask for cards if you don't want to act it out.


Quirk! Monsters

Released: November 2018

Originally brought out as Quirk! Hallows on Kickstarter; Monsters features characters you may dress up as at Halloween. It's fun to be a Vampire, Robot or Werewolf as you go after your favourite Quirks! The action cards pay homage to those "meddling kids" and  "Who ya gonna call!?" to steal sets from other players. Defence cards have you protecting yourself from evil and skip cards are straight out of a scary movie. Just make sure you don't make a deal with the devil...