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Brand Values


To be a force of positivity and uplift your spirits through our lovable characters in games and books.


To become a place of happiness whenever you think about our characters. The next generation of nostalgia and happy memories.

Our Values

Outrageous Courage: Reminding ourselves that love is painful, so we must love fearlessly and be prepared to show up for what we believe in.

Infect Our Brilliance: Create upbeat environments through our work, play & communications with everyone who interacts with us.

Celebrate Tiny Victories: Every small thing we do compounds to something much grander, it's our every day habits and actions that take us to new heights. Every single person that supports our work in any capacity are celebrated! Thank you.

Focus on Great Art: Lovable characters are at our core and we will always seek to improve our art. Harnessing our creativity and communicating our messages vividly.

Create Remarkable Products: We aspire to build products worth talking about and that means taking great care in listening to our audience, tweaking our designs and continuing to improve our service to bring you the best we can make!

Evolve: We value learning and testing ideas and are willing to let our results challenge our current thinking.

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