Emmerse Studios Gets Rebranded

It's 2021, Emmerse Studios has seen 4 years of existence creating, developing and licensing the Quirk! brand. In fact, so much focus has been on our card game Quirk! that there wasn't much time to build the studio.

Emmerse Studios has lived through the achievements of Quirk! - being a tag along name to a game that is more well known than the company that makes it. Of course, I've had my fair share of recognition in the hobbyist, toys & games industry too, but not so much focus has been on Emmerse Studios as a whole. It seemed to get lost somewhere in between the creator and the product.

Cartoon Emma from Emmerse Studios
How you may know us previously: Jan 2017 - Jan 2021

It is a notion I address in my book Emmerse Yourself, being able to separate yourself from your idea - at least in your own mind - and for the sake of emotional reasoning regarding constructive criticism and how to handle it.

When it comes to associating yourself with a product, the two entities become linked in other people's minds, so in the beginning you play to your strengths. By infecting your brilliance and showcasing your idea, you become a bee that is transporting pollen from flower to flower. The pollen can't travel without the aid of the bee and your idea can't make it out into the world without you to guide it.

That has lead to Emmerse Studios communications on social media coming from myself - Emma, the founder. While this is still going to be the case in the near future, I hope to expand my company beyond myself and in the meantime connect a few dots between the company's products, value and future direction. It's the next big adventure beyond the contents of Emmerse Yourself, which is all about how you reach your 'impossible' goals on a solo journey.

To grow beyond myself is the next challenge in my journey and one I look forward to, by jumping in with both feet once again. This sparks the change in Emmerse Studios look and it's full of mischief! (Our new character that features in Quirk! & our children's picture book; Mischief & the Tree.)

Emmerse Studios Game Banner
Emmerse Studios New Groove!

Mischief has definitely been at the heart of Emmerse Studios and Quirk! games, so he had to be included in our new logo. Our games aim to achieve a feeling of happiness, silliness and joyfulness and it was only right to convey that in our branding too.

Emmerse Studios Profile Picture
Emmerse Studios New Profile Picture

The future of our social profiles will see us sporting this cheeky face! One that I hope will live up to the feelings our games create for children and families across the world when they start playing.

You can follow Emmerse Studios on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

The journey starts here...

From the Creative Director,

Emma May

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