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Hiatus - Revival

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Hello world,

It's been a long time since I wrote a blog for my website and while I addressed a few things that have happened in the last year or so on social media, I wanted to put something here too.

Emmerse Studios has been on hiatus just after launching our Quirk! app on iOS and Android. Along with the pandemic taking it's toll, I lost a family member at the end of 2021 and I needed to step away from the constant running of the business to be with my family.

In this time, I was lucky enough to join forces with a retro games studio where I am currently employed full time as an Associate Games Producer. It's a role I am incredibly grateful to have and work with an amazing team who value making games whole!

A big part of my mission with Emmerse Studios is about always making games as a full package like how they used to be made in the 90's. That's why the Quirk! app is a full free game and the in-app purchase are full games in themselves. I've got nothing against a good game with brilliant DLC but I'm not for games that make you constantly pay out to get the next instalment or to win.

That happily brings me to where I am.

It's a half-hiatus and simmering revival. I am working on projects in the background while I work full time, I am learning to program so I can develop my own app or platformer games without hiring a programmer but this takes a lot of quiet time on my end.

I have also recently attended the UK Games Expo 22 and I couldn't stop smiling while walking the halls, it was so great to be back and this year and I got to play lots of games rather than being on a trade stand. I enjoy both sides of the event though and it sparked inspiration in me to develop the Quirk! World into a board game.

A first look at the Quirk! Board Game I'm designing below, the game shows a lot more of the world and the characters living in it (artwork not final, prototype only). This is a world that has been developed from the Quirk! Graphic Novel: The Legend of the Chaos Monster, which plays on the short Children's book Mischief and the Tree (Mischief Monster's introduction) and incorporates this into Mischief's Origin story in the Quirk! World - earlier introduced in the Quirk! Gibsons Game.

As a typical creator, my mind is in 100 ideas that I could be working on and my motto is about being an efficient powerhouse, so most of the time I work on a bunch of things then set things on the back burner while I focus on just one.

At the moment, I'm back to a 100 ideas and while I'm trying to stick to one, I keep leaning towards other works I can get stuck into sooner than my long road of programming. Here's a few things on the table, a Quirk! Board Game, The Quirk! World Graphic Novel and Mischief Monster book 2 - title and story pending. All of which I hinted to above!

So I am quietly working away in the background and when inspiration hits, there will be a progress post!

All my best,


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