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Emmerse Studios & the History of Quirk!

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

If you’re new here, here’s a little bit of history and what Emmerse Studios is all about.

We’re not just about one game, although it might appear that way.

The game Quirk! evolved from an original card game concept that Emma (our founder) created in 2013 but before it was a game, it was a book! All about character and getting you out of your comfort zone by doing wacky and positive things for 365 days.

Character, personality and development is at our heart ❤️ we want to encourage your awesomeness and being 100% completely you and being loved for it.

That’s how Quirk! came to be. We pulled the characters from our original game and produced a game that, breaks the ice, has you in fits of giggles and makes anyone a trend setter!

Since then the card game has taken many forms until we banded with @gibsons_puzzles to create the ultimate version of Quirk! doubling the value by releasing 2 card games in one box and selling at the same price as the original Quirk! Game with far more accessibility for international players!

This leads us to creating the Mischief Monster, who appears in the Gibsons Quirk! He is a representation of our inner child, belonging in a world we sometimes feel like we don’t fit in with and learning to love who we are at our core, along with all our Quirks. But also making mistakes, getting back up again and building things better than they were before.

You can find our first story with Mischief in Mischief and the Tree, our children’s picture book with a lot of heart on Amazon.

Fundamentally, Emmerse Studios believes in your potential to be anything you want to be and do anything you want to do.

To bring our characters to more people, especially Children around the globe who have yet to experience the amusement of our quirky game, we decided to put all our effort into developing an app version of Quirk! this is our most recent product we’ve brought to the world and we hope you’ll have a lot of fun if you choose to download it. It’s available on both Android and Apple devices.

And now back to Mischief once again. We are set on developing the Quirk! world and bringing you more heart-warming stories with Mischief at the centre.

Here's where you can find all things Emmerse Studios:

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Directly on our home page :)

Quirk! Family Card Game:


Quirk! Mobile App:

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Get your copy of Quirk! The Laugh-Out-Loud Family Card Game from Gibsons, John Lewis or Amazon.

A game full of sounds, actions and mischief to make your family roar with laughter. Great for children as young as 5 and adults of any age who love to unleash their inner child!

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