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Introducing a New Project...

Hello from Emmerse Studios.

We've been busy over the last few months and have been working on a smaller side project before we start on the exciting bigger 3D platformer game we previously been posting about.

See Devlog #0 here:

The new project is Quirk! Origins: A Jester's Tale!

A Jester's Tale is a prologue to the 3D platformer game we originally promised; introducing our new character: Jester.

A Jester's Tale is a interactive visual novel acting as the prologue to our 3D platformer in the Quirk! world where our Jester becomes our villain. It answers the question 'Where does the Jester come from?' and sets up his back story on why he's determined to become king and make life hard for Mischief Monster, our next playable character.

A Jester's Tale also gives me (Emma) and some friends the chance to work on a smaller game project from start to finish and understanding all the processes along the way. So you could think of Quirk! Origins: A Jester's Tale as both the origin story of Jester, but also of Emmerse Studios video games too.

Ultimately, it will help us to plan better for the 3D platformer in every area of production. Our focus here is to create a story you can potentially follow through three different games... eventually!

Devlog # 1 - Story Time

Watch Devlog #1 below for a sneaky peak at the artwork and gameplay mechanics.

The Story

Our story starts in the world of Playcardia, a place based on traditional playing cards. Each kingdom is ruled by a king or a queen of each playing suit (hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs).

In a pack of cards there are always two jokers, also known as our Jester and his sister. When they were young, Jester's sister gets plucked from poverty to be trained as a court jester. Ever since this moment, our hero is jealous and would do anything to take her place.

One day his sister mysteriously goes missing from the four kingdoms of Playcardia and so an announcement is put out to find a new court jester. Now all our hero will have to do is make the court royals laugh. If he succeeds, a court jester he will be. But if not, well that remains to be seen.

The game will feature point and click mechanics but will be heavily based on a linear storyline and how Jester ends up in the Quirk! world as king.

Find A Jester's Tale on Steam!

The exciting news is that our Steam page is now live - click here. Please feel free to add it to your wishlist.

Thank you for your on-going support and being patient with us - we look forward to providing more updates soon.

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