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Making Wholesome Games

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Your health is important, your mind, your body and your emotional stability is important. This idea, this priority is at the forefront of Emmerse Studios thinking.

Everything we do and create is to provide you with experiences that will help you develop your skillsets in many areas of your life. Whether that is with your social development, communication and listening with Quirk! the card game or learning about resilience and self-acceptance with the Mischief Monster or mindset.

Our main effort in providing these under the surface qualities in our products is all about creating products that are fun, easy to engage with and keep you feeling uplifted from the experience.

We see games as an opportunity to create entertainment experiences which accompany a healthy lifestyle.

As the founder and creative director of a start up company, I am always thinking about creating balance in my life so that I can cultivate my best energy every day, especially when I am wearing multiple hats.

That means I can be running multiple parts of the business at any one time but it doesn't mean I give up all the things that makes me feel whole, for the sole purpose of achieving goals in my studio. I play games I enjoy, read books I enjoy, exercise regularly, learn all about nutrition and how to eat well and regularly catch up with my friends and family - and go out places when we're not in a global pandemic.

I'm always looking for ways that energise me so that I can experience more and do more for myself and others, sometimes often while doing less!

And. I want the same for others.

We can get a lot of great benefits out of tabletop games and it's been charming to design them. However we are keen to develop interactive experiences to bring our characters to life.

But there's a conflict I have with games because some games are so good they are addictive and some games are good but lean towards addictive mechanisms to keep you playing. Which is done a lot in app games.

And while I love my products to have replay-ability, I wouldn't trade your wellbeing for your retention.

My philosophy in creating wholesome games is also one that will benefit you in having a healthy lifestyle, so I would never make a game that relies on you to be addicted to it to play it. I'd rather make games that are valuable because you enjoy playing them.

As we are now developing our games from tabletop to mobile app, we have a lot to think about when it comes to making wholesome games.

Here's a few things that wholesome means to my studio: 1. When we package a game, you get the whole game in the box or in the app. There is no need to buy anything else in order for you to play the game or have a good experience playing the game. The game is complete the moment you pay for it.

2. I'm not a fan of most subscription models unless the product is ultimately essential and paying monthly is more useful than paying annually. When it comes to games and the light-hearted experiences that we are keen to make at Emmerse Studios, subscriptions to continue playing are definitely not on the menu.

3. Content! Wholesome meaning good clean fun in the content we deliver. We try to keep a balance that is fun for children and still enjoyable and nostalgic for adults. There's a reason Quirk! is an innovation on the traditional card game Go Fish!

4. It means you are in control of your play experience. It's your choice if and when you play again. To some extent how long you play for too. Our games typically take 15 to 30 mins. With our app, we're looking at ways of how we can introduce shorter games and using a pause button so you can stop whenever and pick it right back up from where you left off. (But as we are new to developing apps, it might not be a feature that is implemented on the first release.)

That's what wholesome means to us! Let us know what it means to you or if you like some of the payment models used when you download a game.

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From the Creative Director,

Emma May

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