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Quirk! The Family Card Game

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Quirk! is a funny set collection card game that has you making sounds, actions and mischief with the whole family. Squawk like a parrot, dance like a robot and breath fire like a dragon to become the quirkiest of them all!

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Quirk! by Gibsons is the brand new deluxe edition of the original best selling card game Quirk! including 112 cards.

Quirk! by Gibsons
Quirk! by Gibsons

The card game contains 2 decks of exciting, silly and bizarre characters to act out for an easy and hard mode of game-play. Easy to pick up and play for younger and older players. Then mix and match your own characters for even more game-play variety.

You could be an elephant, sloth, superhero, cat, llama or unicorn. It's time to bring your silliest face and claim your Quirks! but beware as they might not stay yours for long if mischief has its way! Act, steal, block & skip your way to glory.

The game is perfect for ages 5+, 2-6 players, 15 - 30 mins game-play or up to 1 hour with both decks.

Quirk! is a game you can play anywhere, full of family friendly fun and lots of laughs.

"Quirk will be one of my most cherished memories of playing with my kids. We've played it about once a week for two years and counting. We've played it in Spain with their grandparents & cousins who don't speak English but have no problem learning & playing. We take it on every holiday. It has stuck with us more than any other game we've played, and we play a lot. (Cranium, Labyrinth, and Monopoly are distant seconds.)" - Mitch G

Your Nan will tip over sideways with a belly full of giggles as she thrashes the rest of the family of all their Quirks... and you thought she was innocent. (This has happened to far too many Nan's to be a coincidence).

"I bought this for my 6 (+7 months) year old nephew for Christmas. What a success! We all had a few games, and was loads of fun. I am now told by the parents, that this game has been played EVERY day since and is the best Christmas buy ever! My nephew now teams up with his 5 (+ 1 month) year old brother against their parents. So recommend to all! By the way, their Grandma plays it too and she is 78." - Lynn

That's why, children and the elderly will slay at this game, so if you're not in either of those categories, it's time to bring your A-game, pull up those pants and start waddling around the living room like a penguin.

If a really wild game is your kind of thing, we've included advanced cards known as mischief cards, add these to your game to really switch up the odds!

Quirk! is an amazingly-silly game for fantastically-fun people and provides interactive play for all ages.

Be your own superhero!

"I picked this slightly randomly as an 8th birthday gift for a friend's daughter, I think it was recommended when I was looking at a different card game and the reviews were good. And with good reason, the whole family love this game, they take it everywhere and have taught it to all their friends. Will definitely gift it again!" - Amy T

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