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Start with a Story

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

One of our Brand Values is a Focus on Great Art. What this means is we focus not only on great visual art but the artistry of our projects of what we bring together entwined with our obsession to create remarkable products, we hope what we tell you next will make you just as excited as we are.

We thought our first blog into open development would mean actually showing you a game we're working on, but that would take us a while before we get there and we want to be as transparent with you about our development as we can be.

Right now, our focus is on creating the foundation of our brand which will make our next game great!

And that starts with a story.

When Quirk! was created, we took the base mechanics of Go! Fish and added characters to it that you could act out as well as action cards to keep the game-play interesting.

The game itself makes you feel really silly and maybe sometimes slightly embarrassed, but the magic of the game has everyone making a fool of themselves so you are accepted for barking like dog, swimming like a mermaid and stomping like a yeti. That's totally normal around here!

Ultimately, the game is all about being celebrated for what makes you different. All of your Quirks! So your aim becomes to win the most Quirks in the game.

This is a theme we are exploring in more detail as our characters progress towards a plotline. In Mischief and the Tree, Mischief finds himself feeling rejected and not knowing where he belongs, so he goes on an adventure to find a new home and that is when he finds his tree.

It's an encouraging story for children to be resilient and make the best out of your negative feelings, to help fuel you into creativity and outrageous courage.

Now we are taking those storylines and building them into the foundation of the Quirk! and Mischief Monster brand. There will be a whole new side of Quirk! for you to discover as we tackle the themes of acceptance, belonging and creativity; especially for the next generation!

We're putting emphasis on creating great art here, where we would usually jump head first into a project and have it completed and shipped to you before you blinked - now we are honing in on our craft to get our brand really right from the start.

Here's the first look at how we are developing the story.

Below is the famous Hero's Journey.

Hero's Journey Spiral by Thea Cooke

We are gathering our knowledge about writing a great story and plotting it out to create a map. The hero's journey comes in marvelously helpful for this exercise, it helps us determine who are characters are today and where we want them to be by the end of the story.

It helps us to plot the twists and turns our characters will face time and time again to keep the story interesting, as well as tug at your heart strings!

Not only that, it will form the foundation for all of our character's journeys we develop in the form of games and books.

We hope that it highlights our message that you will always been accepted by Quirk! and all of its characters because it is a challenge they face themselves in the Quirk! world, every time a game is played.

We are looking forward to telling you more about this story as soon as we have it... stay tuned by signing up to our mailing list so you never miss a blog post or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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